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Limited Edition Blue Wristlet

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Doctor Who Premium Pebbled Wristlet + Exploding Tardis Silk Lining!

We couldn't find a premium Tardis anywhere...not to mention a wristlet wallet! A lot of the wallets in retail are cheap quality and made with PU "fake imitation leather". They simply don't last. So we decided to create our own! We call it Blue. It's made with Premium Blue Pebbled Leather + RFID But we didn't stop there! We took a vote for your favorite interior and added - 

Exploding Tardis Silk Luxury Lining on the inside!

It's extra special and unique! Like Diamonds.

Help us Bring Blue to Life and enjoy a truly unique jewel. 

We won't manufacture this again and you wont find it in retail stores!

Delivered in time for the holidays!