Super Premium Tardis 6.0 Ladies Trifold

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This Super Uber Exclusive Handmade Doctor Who wallet is the perfect companion for you, your money and everything else you put in your wallets. On the outside, this Royal-blue Doctor Who Ladies Wallet looks like the Doctor's time machine and made with Italian Pebbled Leather. On the inside of the tri-fold wallet, you'll find a luxurious silk Van Gogh lining, zipper compartment, plenty of room and slots for your ID, credit cards, and other important stuff. This wallet is handmade with attention to details the windows and police box sign have a metallic color shine and the door signs intricately crafted. Measures 8-inches long x 4-inches wide. Made from 100% Genuine Italian Pebbled Leather. Our latest 6th generation wallet with premium leather, built in RFID, and Van Gogh Silk Motif!